Insurance Adjustment

Premier Flooring Installation holds an insurance adjuster license with the state of Maryland. As a public adjuster, we can adjust your insurance claim for loss or damage to your flooring.

Many insurance adjusters work directly for your insurance company and may lowball the cost to replace your flooring. As you know, insurance companies want to reduce the amount of money they have to pay out in claims.

As public insurance adjusters, we evaluate your property loss and help you file your insurance claim. We are licensed professionals who work for individuals and businesses – not insurance companies – and we can add tremendous value by getting the most out of your insurance policy’s coverage.

We have expertise in the flooring industry, so we know exactly what it will take to replace your hardwood floors, carpeting, laminate flooring, etc. if it’s been damaged or destroyed by fire, smoke, water from burst pipes, or anything else. We’re meticulous, and may even pry up part of the damaged flooring to check the sub floor. We’ll also consider if the molding needs to be replaced as well.

insurance estimate

Floor Replacement Cost Estimates

Our insurance adjuster will give you and your insurance company a realistic floor replacement cost estimate. Since we run a flooring sales and installation company, we’re more familiar with flooring costs than your average insurance adjuster.

If you’re making an insurance claim for a covered damage to the flooring in your home or business, tell your insurance company you want us to adjust your claim.

We work with insurance companies, homeowners, and businesses to make things right after a disaster.

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